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Rebuilding A Project

You can rebuild an existing project anytime, to update the list of backlinks (gather the newly-found ones) or re-check their characteristics. To do that, click the refresh button at the top of any section in Backlink Profile module, next to your domain name.

You will see the wizard where you can choose preferred backlink sources. If you enable Expert Options, you can adjust the backlinks collection settings and choose which factors should be updated for the backlinks along with the rebuilt.

Please note: the optimal way is to check NO factors at this stage, and update them separately once the rebuilt is complete - this will speed the process up big times.

The newly-found backlinks can be detected by the most recent date in the First Found Date column. You can also add the Backlink Status column to your workspace.

  • New: new backlinks that have been found with the last rebuilt.
  • Alive: backlinks that already were present in the project and remain in our database/your Google account.
  • Lost: backlinks that were present in the project but haven't been found with the last rebuilt (are no longer present in our database/your Google account).