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Track additional URLs

Alongside with your site (main Project URL), you may need to monitor additional URLs, be it your company's LinkedIn page, Facebook community, or a subdomain. Rank Tracker allows you to add the URLs to be tracked together with your main site.

Firstly, make sure you are using the option to 'Track Multiple Results for Keyword'. Then go to 'Preferences > Alternative URLs' and enter the URLs you'd like to track along (one per line).

These may be sites, video URLs, social network pages, forum threads, etc., and you can add up to 10K URLs per one project. You can also enable the option to 'Include Ranking of Subdomains'.

If any of the specified URLs will show up in the SERPs during further checks, the program will show the ranking URL and its position in the multiple ranks table, or in the Ranking Pages column for the keyword.


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