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WebSite Auditor: Quick CSV Export

WebSite Auditor allows several ways to export data: from the main File menu and from the modules directly.

In the Pages module, you can export the raw data with the Quick CSV Export button. You can select all records from the table (currently visible data with respect to added columns and filters), or export all outgoing or incoming links to each page (with their location).

The list of URLs can simply be copied from the workspace: select the pages you need -> right-click > Copy > Copy Pages.

In the Site Audit module, you can switch between factors and use the Quick Export button to export the details for an error, if there are any. You can choose to export visible table records, or records along with details (if they are hidden in the context menu).

In Visualization module, you can export the visualization to a PDF (the current view with the currently highlighted connections), or export all pages / all links to CSV.

In All Resources module you can switch between sections and use the Quick Export button to export all the currently visible records in the table. Additionally, you can copy the details from the tab below, with a right-click > Copy to Clipboard option.

In Content Analysis module, you can copy the details from the Page Audit sections that are supposed to report any specific URLs affected: simply select the URLs > right-click > Copy to Clipboard.

In the TF-IDF module, you can export the data collected and analyzed for your page and competitors with the Quick Export button at the top right. It will include visible records from the current section (Multi-word keywords or Single-word keywords).