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Verifying Backlink Presence

All backlink services with their own private crawlers are relying on the information stored in their databases. The crawlers that gather the links are surfing the Web incessantly and are collecting about dozen billion pages daily, still it may take a while for them to complete the circle and to update all the data in full.

This means that the data in any index / database may be partially outdated.

  • Some lost links may be falsely reported as they have been removed after they were last found by a crawler.
  • Some existing links may not be present in a database as they haven't been found by a crawler yet.

It's rather comprehensible that none of the backlink sources is capable of providing the 100% full and up-to-date data, so there's always a statistical margin of error to keep in mind while evaluating your backlink profile.

To minimize that error and let you make decisions based on the most and full and current data, SEO SpyGlass is equipped with a unique feature that allows you to verify backlink presence in real-time, no matter what source they have been gathered from.

You should select the backlinks in your workspace, and click the Update Factors button, then select the Backlink Page Info alone. The program will scan the backlink pages directly to check the presence, the status (do/nofollow) and the anchor details of the backlinks in real-time. You`ll see the results in the Links Back column.

  • Dofollow: means the link is found on the backlink page and is 'dofollow'.
  • Embedded: the embedded link is found on the backlink page.
  • Nofollow: the link is found on the backlink page but is set to 'nofollow'.
  • Restricted from indexing: the link is found on the backlink page but is restricted from indexation.
  • Site is down: the backlink page cannot be reached as the site it belongs to is down at the moment.
  • Page not found: the backlink page does not exist anymore (404 Page Not Found status code).
  • Link missing: there's no link to the project website on the backlink page.
  • Not yet checked: backlink page info hasn't been checked yet for the given backlink.

It would be reasonable to check the real-time presence of the gathered backlinks, and then start analyzing any other factors for the valid existing backlinks only.