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Reporting Errors

Each new version of SEO PowerSuite tools undergoes stringent quality control so errors are quite rare. If you do come across one, please tell us about it as soon as you can. We'll do our best to help you solve it through software settings or issue a prompt fix if it turns out to be a bug.

Most errors can be avoided by simply keeping LinkAssistant up-to-date. Even if you don't use the tool very often, please open it once a week and let it update itself (full version history is available here). If your version is several months old, it would be best to reinstall the application.

LinkAssistant is equipped with advanced task logging functionality. It lets you easily share information about errors with developers.

  1. Open the project you are having trouble with
  2. Click Help > Send Project To Support
  3. Enter your name and email address we can contact you at. Tell us at what point the error occurred (rebuilding project, publishing reports, updating data etc.).
  4. Proceed further as prompted by the wizard.

Exiting LinkAssistant if it's gone unresponsive


  1. Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del).
  2. In the Processes tab, end Java processes.



  1. Open the Apple menu and choose Force Quit.
  2. Select LinkAssistant from the list of open programs and click Force Quit.

Force quit Rank Tracker using Apple menu 


Open a terminal emulator and run a command to get the list of Java processes that are currently active.

ps -ef | grep java

Now you need to terminate the process associated with LinkAssistant. This is done through the following command:

kill -s KILL {pid#}

{pid#} is to be replaced with the actual process ID that appears right next to your username (highlighted on the screenshot).

Force quit Rank Tracker on Linux