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Customize your interface language and adjust interface elements size to ensure the best fit depending on your monitor's resolution and any other special needs.

Language preferences

Rank Tracker comes in 8 languages. To see the options currently available, go to Preferences > Personalization Settings. Pick any language on the list and have your software fully customized. 

Once you've specified a language, Rank Tracker's interface will be translated accordingly. 

NOTE: because report templates appear in the language set as the default one during installation, you'll need to specify a new language in the Reports section should such a need arise. 

Interface size settings

By default, the interface size applied in Rank Tracker is 100%. However, depending on your monitor resolution and other preferences, you may adjust the interface size to have it increased up to 400%. From Preferences > Personalization Settings, unfold the dropdown with interface size options and choose one that suits you most. 

IMPORTANT: Rank Tracker interface size changes are applied after you restart the program. Make sure you've restarted Rank Tracker to see interface elements take the size of choice.