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Exporting Data

SEO SpyGlass provides several ways to export your project results:

  • Publish reports as PDF/HTML files: the reports will include statistical information, tables,  colorful graphs that display the progress of your website, custom text fields and company/client logos;
  • Export project data into CSV, HTML, SQL or XML format;
  • Copy Data to Clipboard to then paste it into any document/spreadsheet.

Publishing PDF/HTML Reports In SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass (Enterprise) offers several ways of saving a PDF/HTML report: you may either quickly save the file on your local hard drive or deliver it to your clients via e-mail, FTP or publish online via a shared link.

Quick Save Reports

To quickly save a report switch to the Reports section > select the required report template and click Quick Save.

Then choose the folder where to save your report and the format of the file.

Delivering Reports

SEO SpyGlass (Enterprise) lets you deliver reports to clients by one of the following ways:

  • Publish online and send the URL by e-mail: the report will be saved online as a web-page, SEO SpyGlass will send the link to the report by e-mail. Anyone who has the link will be able to access and view the report online.
  • Email as attachment: the report will be generated as a PDF/HTML file and then delivered by e-mail.
  • Save to a hard drive: the report will be saved as an HTML/PDF file to the local hard drive.
  • Upload onto a website via FTP: the report will be generated and saved as an PDF/HTML file to a remote FTP server. 

To use any of the above options you first to create a publishing profile:

  1. Open Preferences > Publishing Profiles and click Add Profile.

  1. At Step 1 choose your preferred delivery method. Then click Next and follow the instructions of the setup wizard.

Once the publishing profile is ready you will see it available on the list of your publishing profiles under Preferences > Publishing Profiles.

This way you may create multiple publishing profiles, each of them will be using different delivery methods.

  1. Once the publishing profile is ready go to the Reports section > click Publish and select to use your preferred publishing profile.

  1. Click Finish and SEO SpyGlass will deliver your report in accordance with the settings of the selected publishing profile.

Exporting Raw Data

To export raw project data into a spreadsheet, you may use one of the following methods available in Enterprise version.

Quick CSV Export

Switch to the section you wish to export your results from and click the Quick CSV Export button. The software will export currently visible records from the workspace into the CSV file.

From Backlinks section you can additionally export the full list of backlinks by source.

Exporting Into CSV/TXT, HTML, SQL, XML

  1. Go to File > Export.

  1. Choose the preferred export format.

  1. Specify the symbol that should be used as a delimiter. The delimiter will separate columns in the export file. Most spreadsheets use comma as the default delimiter, so you may leave this symbol for your export file too.

  1. Select columns that should be exported along with backlinks.


  1. Check the preview to see how the results will be arranged in the export file.

  1. Give name to the export template - the template will be saved in your software settings.

  1. Select the report template you wish to use to export your results. You may create multiple report templates with different settings, so next time you decide to export project results or schedule an export task you will not need to fill in the above steps once again but just choose the required report template from the list.

  1. In the next step hit Finish, then select the folder where the export file will be saved.

Copying Data To Clipboard

In any version of the software (free, Pro or Enterprise) you can copy the visible data from workspaces manually, to then paste it into any document. To do so you can select the records in almost any workspace > right-click on the selection > Copy To Clipboard. There are two available options:

If you're not willing to customize the workspace for copying, or if you only need part of the data from the workspace that's not customizable, you can select only certain columns: hold ALT on your keyboard, and select the records in a certain column you need. Make sure to copy the selected data with CTRL+C, as the custom selection will be reset if you use the right-click.

If you need to select only certains columns, but they are not situated next to each other, you can hold ALT+CTRL and select the records in required columns. Then also copy the data with CTRL+C.

You can paste the data you copied into any document or spreadsheet with CTRL+V or Paste option then.

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