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In case you get an error message after applying a license key, please check on possible reasons below, and on the ways to fix it:

1. Registration key doesn't match the name specified:

If you see such an error, please check carefully, if you have entered the name and the key exactly as they are specified in your confirmation email:

  • Both name and key are case-sensitive and should be entered exactly as they were initially registered in the system.
  • You might have used a short form of your name (for instance, 'Steve' instead of 'Steven'), or entered your name instead of the name of the co-worker who paid for the software.
  • You might have accidentally entered a double space between your first and last name, or left a space before the username or license key.

2. The license cannot be applied because it belongs to a different tool:

The error indicates that you have entered the license key for the wrong tool. Each tool has its own license key, the first two letters will help you identify the tool: RT-… is for Rank Tracker, WA-… is for WebSite Auditor, etc.

You should only enter the corresponding license key into each program.

3. Sorry, this registration key is not valid:

The error indicates that the license key is no longer valid or was manually disabled for one of the following reasons:

  • The license key might have been upgraded to the Enterprise version and needs to be replaced with the new one.
  • The license details might have been replaced with the new ones upon your request (for example to prevent unauthorized access to the software, or to change the registration details).
  • The product has been returned as per its 30-day money-back guarantee, and the license key has been disabled.

Lost license keys can be retrieved here. New SEO PowerSuite licenses can be ordered here.

4. License agreement violation:

The error indicates that two or more instances of the program are currently running under the same license. This violates the SEO PowerSuite license terms.

Any SEO PowerSuite tool can be installed and any license can be used on however many computers, but not simultaneously. This means you'd have to close the program completely on one computer before starting it on another one, and make sure not to leave it running in Tray. So it's one license on one machine at a time, but no other limitations.

To get rid of the violation error, simply close all instances of the program, wait for 13 minutes for the license session to expire, and launch the program anew on one machine only.

If you would like to use it on 2 or more computers simultaneously, drop us a line to get a personal offer for any additional licenses.


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