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WebSite Auditor: Application Layout

The Title Bar

When you launch Website Auditor, you will see the Title bar in the upper-left corner. Here's the information the title bar carries:

  • the domain name of the currently open project (if applicable);
  • the name, extension (.wsa) and location of the file on your computer (for saved projects);
  • application name and version number.

The Menu Bar

The Menu bar offers a set of drop-down menus that give access to WebSite Auditor settings and project preferences:

  • File: (basic commands related to project files: opening, closing, saving etc.).
  • Preferences: access to general project and global software settings. There you may configure crawler settings, preferred search engines, sitemap and robots settings, set up a scheduled task etc.
  • Window: list of supported software shortcuts and key combinations to switch between sections or quickly access some menus.
  • Help: contains your WebSite Auditor license info, links to help resources.
  • Projects: a drop-down to switch between currently open projects.
  • New: create a new project.
  • Open: load an existing project from your hard drive or from SEO PowerSuite Cloud.
  • Save: save currently open projects.
  • Close: close currently open projects.

The Side Menu

The Side menu allows you quickly switch between different modules:

  • Site Structure: contains the modules with all pages and all resources found on the website, a visual representation of the site structure, and an audit dashboard listing all SEO factors checked for the site.
  • Content Analysis: contains the modules for on-page analysis and in-app optimization, TF-IDF analysis, page-specific reports.
  • Domain Strength: a general domain report that shows how your website’s ‘strength’ grows over time.
  • Reports: a module to generate and deliver reports to your clients.

Buttons and Controls

Site Structure module

  • Rebuild Project: re-crawl the site completely to collect all pages and resources anew (with other crawler settings, or after fixing any errors).
  • Update Pages: update any specific factor(s) for selected pages.
  • Sitemap: create a sitemap featuring any pages from your project.
  • Robots.txt: create a robots.txt file and configure its rules.
  • Add Pages: add any pages to your project manually.
  • Custom Search: use custom search operators to find any piece of content on your site.

Content Analysis module

  • Pages: switch between analyzed pages from the current project.
  • Add Page: analyze a new page.
  • Remove Page: remove the current page from Content Analysis.
  • Update Analysis: update content optimization, technical factors or competitors’ analysis for the current page.
  • Update icon: update the given factor for the current page.

Domain Strength module

  • Update: update all the factors and re-calculate Domain Strength.
  • Cogwheel icon: configure the list of SEO factors included into the module.
  • Export icon: quickly export the results into CSV.

Reports module

  • Publish: export the report using a publishing profile (e.g. email to clients, upload to a site).
  • Share: share the report via a shareable link.
  • Quick Save: save to your hard drive (no publishing profile required).
  • Print: print the report.
  • Click the + button to create a new report template.
  • Click the star button to fill out your company info to brand the reports.

Managing Workspaces

Each WebSite Auditor project contains a set of predefined workspaces under the Pages section, The workspaces contain the list of pages that have been collected by Website Auditor when scanning your website,and also a default set of columns that focus your attention on different aspects of website optimization:

  • On-page factors;
  • Links and Technical factors:
  • Social Media popularity;
  • Traffic stats;
  • Structured Data markup and Open Graph.

All workspaces are customizable and allow adding or removing any columns from the table. To edit a workspace click the small arrow button and it will unfold the dropdown menu with the following options:

  • Edit workspace - you will be able to add or remove columns from the current workspace;
  • Clone workspace - create one workspace with the same set of columns:
  • Copy workspace to another project - you can copy the current workspace to any other Website Auditor project;
  • Remove - delete the current workspace from the project. 

To quickly sort out records in a workspace it is possible to use the quick and advanced filters: