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Prospect Analysis

Now that you have a fresh new list of link prospects, it's time to take a closer look at their quality and pick those you're going to contact first.

Update prospects data

To assess your prospects' authority, you may check a bunch of factors that play into calculation when determining a prospect's importance. Explore the manifold factors by adjusting the list of columns in your workspace. From InLink Rank to social media popularity - add the columns and fetch the data you need. 

Now that you settled on the list of factors you'd like to check, retrieve respective data by clicking on the Update button - or any of the column's header. Tick the factors to be updated and press OK.

Sort prospects out

To further sort the prospects by any of the factors you're tracking, click on a column's header, and the prospects will be rearranged accordingly. Afterward, add tags, statuses or notes for easy follow-up. 

Remember that you can also narrow down the list of prospects by managing your workspace via applying custom filter(s). Deploy the filtering options individually or in bulk to create complex filtering conditions.