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Track your rankings

To update your site’s rankings, open your project, go to Rank Tracking module, select the keywords and hit the Check Rankings button in the top menu.

Once the wizard pops up, you'll see the preferred search engines enabled for the project. You can choose any or all for the current check, or click to Manage search engines to adjust the list of preferred search engines.

You may also set the program to check all the keywords in workspace/project instead of selected ones only.

Once you click OK, Rank Tracker will start scanning the results pages returned for your keywords to check your site's rankings. The process may take a while, depending on the number of keywords you update and the SEs you check the rankings in.

The better the pages rank, the less time it takes to check the rankings. Say, if your site was found on page 1, the program doesn't have to scan further, and moves on to the next keyword.

You can open the Task Manager located in the bottom left corner to watch the process, check Estimated Time for current task, or stop the check at any point (some of the keywords may remain unchecked in this case).

View current rankings

When done, Rank Tracker will show you a table with your current ranking positions in selected search engines.

You can edit your Workspace to include the URLs found in each search engine, dates of the most recent checks and more. Right-click the header of any column, find the columns you need on the left and check the boxes next to them.


Compare rankings

Rank Tracker automatically saves the results of all ranking checks in the project file (you can find them in the History Records table). So you can always see how your current rankings compare to previous ones. Simply add the Difference column for any search engine, and the Previous Rank column if needed.

Difference column will show whether your rankings have gone up or down, whether your site has Entered the top results, or Dropped out of the top and Stays Out a check later. The blank column indicates that there are no previous results to use for comparison.

You can customize the Difference calculations to compare any specific result with the current one. Click the Compare with Previous Results button and choose which results should be considered as 'previous'.

Evaluate ranking progress

To see the progress over time, check with the Rank Progress section in the bottom tab and switch to Progress Graph. It will reflect the ranking progress of your site for any keyword in any search engine within a specific date-range.

You can switch between search engines on the left, and customize the visualized period using the buttons at the bottom right corner, or by scrolling the mouse wheel.

View history records

To see the ranking history for any keyword, select the keyword and switch to Rank History in the bottom tab. You'll see the records for all the checks you've run: the dates, the ranks and the URLs found. Switch between the search engines to see the history records for each.

To remove ranking history from any project, go to 'File > Remove Unnecessary History Records', and follow the wizard to select the keyword(s), the date-range and the search engine to remove the history for.

Edit Rank or Ranking URL

If necessary, you can change selected ranking data for your reports. It isn’t generally recommended to do so, but you can use the feature on your own responsibility.

  1. Go to Rank History section in the bottom tab,
  2. Right-click any record and hit Edit,

  1. Change Rank and/or URL Found.


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