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TF-IDF (short for "term frequency — inverse document frequency") is used to to measure the importance of a given keyword on a page. Unlike keyword density, it doesn't just look at the number of times the term is used on the page; it also analyzes a larger set of pages and tries to determine how important this or that keyword is.

The module helps you analyze your competitors’ content and discover topical keywords to use on your pages and improve their relevance.

TF-IDF module is a spreadsheet-like view with the list of topically relevant keywords the program extracted from competitors pages. You can switch between the target keywords you’ve initially used, to see the competition analysis for each.

You can also switch between the sections with single-word and multi-word keywords.

The bottom tab provides a handy graph showing the usage of each keyword by competitors (select the ones to be displayed from the list on the right). Hovering over any keyword on the graph, you can see detailed stats.

The toolbar at the top right allows to filter the results or adjust the list of selected competitors. You can also update analysis in full, and export the currently visible records (in Enterprise).

From the data in the columns you can see how many of the competitors use each keyword, check the min, average and max TF-IDF scores and current score for your page, as well as get page-specific and keyword-specific recommendations in the respective column: based on the analysis it can advice to add keyword, leave it as is or reduce the usage.