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Linking a Dropbox account

To start saving projects to Dropbox, you'll need to quickly add your Dropbox account to your SEO PowerSuite app or BuzzBundle.

  1. Go to 'Preferences > Dropbox Settings' and hit Click to enter Account Settings.

If you don't have an account in Dropbox, click to Create a Dropbox account. You'll be redirected to Dropbox's signup page. Once you've created an account, simply go back to your SEO PowerSuite app or BuzzBundle and proceed with the steps below.

  1. Specify the login details for your Dropbox account, and click Sign in.

  1. Click Allow to sync your Dropbox account with the software.

Done! If you use several SEO PowerSuite apps, repeat the steps above to link Dropbox to each of them.

Remove or Change your Dropbox account if needed from 'Preferences > Dropbox Settings'.

Storing projects in Dropbox

To save a project to Dropbox, open it in the app and go to 'File > Save Project (Dropbox)'. Specify a name for your project and hit Save.

To open a project from your Dropbox storage, go to 'File > Open Project (Dropbox)', select a file from your account and hit Open.

Sharing projects stored online

Project files stored in both SEO PowerSuite Cloud and Dropbox can be easily shared with colleagues, management, or clients for review and collaboration.

To share a project, make sure it is saved to SEO PowerSuite Cloud or Dropbox, or follow the instructions above to save it online.

Then go to 'File > Get Shareable Project Link', and copy the Project Link to clipboard.

Then, simply share that link with other users.

To open a project using a shared link, go to 'File > Open Project by Shared Link', paste your project link, and hit OK.

IMPORTANT: if several users make changes to the same project and save them, the latest saved version of the file will overwrite all previous versions.