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Creating A New Project

To start analyzing a backlink profile of a site, you need to create a project in SEO SpyGlass. To do that you need to follow the wizard through a few simple steps. The wizard pops up automatically once you open the program. To activate it yourself, simply click New:

Step 1: Choose your site

Enter a site URL you'd like to monitor. In the same step you can set the range of results SEO SpyGlass should collect: you can select Domain only, Domain and subdomains or Exact URL.

In Step 1 you can also enable Expert Options to choose the preferred backlink sources and configure backlinks collection settings.

Step 2: Choose preferred backlink sources

By default, SEO SpyGlass will collect the backlinks from the internal database of the SEO PowerSuite Backlink Explorer, which is our own private crawler gathering the links across the Web. To choose Google Analytics or/and Google Search Console additionally, you'll need to connect the accounts associated with given site, then SEO SpyGlass will also load the backlinks from there to your project.

Combining all three sources will allow you to get the most complete data, as naturally none of the sources will find 100% of backlinks. Still, for competitive analysis you may use the SEO PowerSuite Backlink Explorer alone to get valuable insights on competitors' backlink strategies.

Step 3: Configure backlinks collection settings

In this step you can limit the overall number of backlinks to be collected to the project, or limit the number of backlinks per linking domain.

Hit Finish, and the program will take a few moments to gather the backlinks from the selected source(s) and load them to the project, as well as will check the overall domain metrics. Once done, you'll be switched to the Linking Domains section under Baсklink Profile; it will show the list of linking domains found for your site along with basic stats. The Tags column will indicate the source the backlinks have been gathered from.

If some known backlinks haven't been found in chosen sources, or you have just built some fresh links, you can add any URLs to your project manually with the + button in Backlinks section to start analyzing them right away. You can also remove any backlinks from the project anytime: select the links > right-click to open context menu > choose Remove backlink(s) from project.

Exporting all links

The number of projects you can create and domains you can analyze is not restricted in SEO SpyGlass. Resource-wise, the limitation per one project file is 160K backlinks, but in case many more backlinks are found, you'll see a footnote at the bottom of the workspace stating that there are 'x more backlinks'. You can export the full lists by source (in any paid version) into CSV using the Quick Export button in Backlinks section.

In the end, you can Save the project, Close it without saving or click New to create another project.