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Connecting Third-Party Accounts

In SEO SpyGlass you can connect multiple third-party accounts to gather the data from them or check a number of metrics:

  • Connect Google Search Console account associated with the project website to gather the backlinks from it.
  • Connect Google Analytics account associated with the project website to get the backlinks from it along with the referral traffic stats.
  • Connect Moz API key to get the Page Authority and Domain Authority metrics for the project website or any backlinks/domains in the project.

Google accounts can be connected in Project Preferences, which means that these settings would be individual for each project, and you can connect different accounts to different project files. Moz API key is a Global Preference, which means it will be used by the program for all projects.

Connecting Google Search Console

You can connect the GSC account to any project in SEO SpyGlass during the initial setup if you enable expert options and select Google Search Console among preferred backlink sources (the wizard will pop up asking you to enter the account details). If you don't have the account, you can use the in-built link to create one.

You can skip the step and connect it later under Preferences > Google Search Console. Simply enter your login and password and click OK.

IMPORTANT: the properties in Google Search Console DO NOT share any data, which means the versions of the same domain (http/https, www/non-www) are considered different websites. For that reason it's crucial that you create the project in SEO SpyGlass for the exact version of the website that you have a property for in Google Search Console. Otherwise, SEO SpyGlass won't be able to gather the data to the project. The exact project URL can be checked under Preferences > Project Preferences, in the Project Website URL field. If you add no prefix as you initially enter the domain URL, http prefix is being added by default.

Connecting Google Analytics

You can connect the Google Analytics account to any project in SEO SpyGlass to collect the backlinks from it and check the referral traffic stats for the backlinks in the project. You can do that during the initial project setup if you enable expert options and select Google Analytics among preferred backlink sources (the wizard will pop up asking you to connect the account). If you don't have the account, you can use the in-built link to create one.

Alternatively, you can connect the GA account anytime under Preferences > Google Analytics Account by clicking the respective button that will initialize the internal browser for further authentication steps.

In the pop-up window, please enter your email or phone, then enter the password and click Next.

In the next step, please click to Allow SEO SpyGlass to access your GA account.

Finally, make sure to choose the proper account and website profile for the current project in the dropdowns, and click OK.

You can Clear / Change the account in Preferences anytime.

NOTE: if the password changes for the account that's already connected, you need to re-connect the account once again.

Connecting Moz API key

To check the metrics like Page Authority / Domain Authority provided by Moz, for both your website and backlinks collected to the project, you'll need to add a Moz API key to the program. This can be done under Preferences > Moz API Settings. The key you add there wil be used for all projects in the program. You can add an existing key or get a free one using the in-built link.

To add a key, enter the Access ID and the Secret Key, select the key type and click OK.

You can add another key, remove the added one, or Check Status to make sure it's Active anytime, in the same Preferences > Moz API Settings menu.