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Using Tags

All tools in the SEO Powersuite package are equipped with a simple and convenient way to tag project records. Using tags allows not only group project data or quickly sort out results in the table, but also create scheduled tasks and reports that involve only results marked with a specific tag.

How to assign tags to project records

Switch to Prospects module, select the records you wish to tag > right-click to open the context menu > choose Add Tags To Selected Records(s).

Then enter the tags you wish to assign to the selected records. Multiple tags can be added: simply type one, click Enter, and type another one. Remove any by clicking the x next to it.

Under Preferences > Tags, you can find the list of all used tags and usage stats for each. You can add, remove or edit any tags manually.

Scheduling tasks for tagged records

If you set up a scheduled task in Scheduler, you can add a project and set the program to only update the records marked with a specific tag(s).

Reporting by Tags

In Reports, you can also set the program to only include the records with a specific tag(s) into the report. You'll need to Edit a template, go to its Settings and specify the tag(s) in Report Info section.