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WebSite Auditor: Rebuilding a Project

Once you have published any new pages to your site, deleted or re-linked any old ones, fixed any bugs or applied any other changes, you may need to update your Site Audit results.

You can add any new pages to your current project manually, by using the Add Pages button and entering the URLs one per line. Then the program will scan through them to pull all links and resources, and add them into the project.

However, if you need to re-crawl the site completely, to get the updated structure, interlinking and pages content, you should rebuild the project.

The program will crawl the website completely anew from scratch, but if you have checked any additional factors for the pages, and the pages remain on your site - the results will remain after the rebuilt as well.

To rebuild an existing project, click the Rebuild Project button in the toolbar of your main workspace.

At Step 1 you can choose either re-crawl the site with the current crawling settings, or adjust them differently by enabling Expert Options again.

If you enable Expert Options, at Step 3 you’ll be offered to select the factors that will be updated along with the rebuilt. We strongly recommend to uncheck all at this stage, as this will save a tone of time while rebuilding the project.

Hit Finish, and the program will collect each and every page and resource on your site anew, and will return fresh site audit results and details for each page.

Any factor can be updated later for any of your pages if you click the Update Pages button and select the kind of data you need to update.