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Match keywords to landing pages

After you create a landing page, you naturally expect to find it in search results for the terms it's optimized for. The better the ranking page answers to the search query, the more engagement and conversions it can bring.

With Rank Tracker's help, you'll always know whether your pages are ranking for the keywords they are supposed to, or whether they show up for the wrong queries.

Assign keywords to pages

To match keywords to the pages optimized for them, go to Keyword Map module under Target Keywords, and switch to Landing Pages section. The keywords there will be grouped by the landing pages they are assigned to.

To assign a new page to any keyword(s), go to Unassigned keywords, select one or multiple and click the Assign Keywords to Landing Page button in the top menu.

Revise the keywords you are assigning, and select the page you were optimizing for these keywords (and expect to rank for them). The assigned page will appear on the list of Landing Pages with the keywords matched to it.

A page can be a good fit for multiple search queries, so a landing page can be matched to multiple keywords, but a keyword can only be matched to one landing page at a time.

Manage assigned pages

To see the pages assigned to each keyword in your Rank Tracking workspace, you can add the Landing Page column (right-click the header of any column to edit the workspace). You can edit the assigned URL right from here if you hover over the Landing Page column and click the chain icon.

Check if pages rank for the right keywords

Check the rankings anew to see if the wrong pages are ranking for any of your keywords.

If the page found in the search results for a keyword is different from the assigned one, you'll see the orange exclamation point next to the URL Found.

If you track multiple listings in your project, please keep in mind that only top-found URLs are compared. So there won't be any warning if Rank Tracker spots other landing pages after the matched one.

Please also note that the mismatch is visible in your working area only. It will not make any difference to your reports or your export files.


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