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Creating a new project

To start monitoring a site, you need to create a project in Rank Tracker. To do that you need to follow the wizard through a few simple steps. The wizard pops up automatically once you open the program. To activate it yourself, simply click New:

Step 1: Choose your site

Enter site URL you'd like to monitor.

Depending on what you enter here, Rank Tracker will check the rankings of all of the site’s pages or only some.

Part of site you’d like to monitor

URL to enter


All pages

Homepage address

Pages from a certain directory

Directory address

One page

Page address

Step 2: Specify Google Search Console and Google Analytics account

You can connect your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts to get the traffic stats for your site's pages and also analyze the performance of your website.

You can skip the step by clicking Next, and connect the accounts later in 'Preferences' menu, under 'Google Search Console' and 'Google Analytics' respectively.

Step 3: Enter your keywords

In this step you need to type in some keywords or key phrases you'd like to check the rankings for, and click Next.

Step 4: Choose preferred search engines

Here you need to choose a search engine (or a group of search engines) that you'd like to track the rankings in. Google, Yahoo! and Bing are great if your site is targeted towards US or international audience speaking English. However, you can remove any of them from the list, or click to Add More Search Engines.

According to your target locations, you can choose the search engines from an appropriate regional group. Some of the search engines can also be customized. With a customized search engine Rank Tracker will check the results exactly as they are seen by searchers from a precise location.

Later, the list of the search engines can be adjusted in 'Preferences > Preferred Search Engines'.
If the search engine you’re interested in is not on the list, you can request it added using the ‘Request more search engines’ link.

Search process

Once you click Finish, Rank Tracker will start scanning search results for your keywords in the background. In a few moments (depending on the number of keywords you've added and the number of search engines you've enabled), you'll see the results in the corresponding columns of your newly created Workspace.
Next, you can Save the project, Close it without saving or click New to create another project.


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