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MacOS instructions

1. Download an installation archive for MacOs.

You can request a download link here:

2. Unpack the archive.

You just need to double click the zipped folder to open it and extract the installation file.

3. Run the installation file.

To start a software after the installation you need to write in the name of the tool into the MacOs Spotlight and click Enter. Alternatively, you may open Finder and go to the Applications/Link-AssistantCom directory and double click the tool’s icon.

System requirements

1. Hardware requirements

Requirement Minimum Recommended
Processor Any Intel  
Computer memory (RAM) 1024 MB or more300 MB  
Hard disk space 300 MB  
Video adapter and monitor 1440 x 900  (built-in or connected to an Apple-supplied video card supported by your computer)  
Internet connection 56 Kbps dial-up Broadband

2. Software requirements

Requirement Minimum Recommended
MacOS X Vesion Mavericks (10.10) or newer  
Oracle JRE/JDK Version 1.8 or newer, 64-bit version  

All of the tools developed by Link-Assistant.Com are built using the latest Java technology. They require a recent version of Java Runtime Environment to function correctly. If you do not have the required version of Java, it may be downloaded from the official website here.


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