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To crawl a site, WebSite Auditor starts from the homepage (project URL), and then scans each and every link found. The Pages tab is a spreadsheet with all web-pages found on your site along with the rankings factors next to each page.

  • The main workspace features a number of editable tabs with different sets of columns.
  • The bottom tab shows details for any selected page.

The top toolbar gives quick access to the most important features:

  • Rebuild Project: re-crawl the site completely to collect all pages and resources anew (with other crawler settings, or after fixing any errors).
  • Update Pages: update any specific factor(s) for selected pages.
  • Add Pages: add any pages to your project manually.
  • Sitemap and Robots.txt: create a sitemap and a robots file for the site.

Most major commands and operations can also be accessed through the context menu in the workspace. To launch the context menu, please, select any record(s) in the workspace and right click it.

By default, factors are divided into separate workspaces by type: On-page factors, Structured data, Links & Tech factors, Traffic, etc.

Each workspace can be edited, cloned or copied to another project if you hover over it and click on the arrow.

Workspace management tools to the right of the Quick Filter allow to manage and organize the workspace tabs to your convenience.

  • Switch between the List/Tree view.
  • Apply filters to the current workspace.
  • Select the columns displayed in the current workspace.
  • Quick-export currently visible records (in Enterprise version).

The bottom tab provides detailed information for any selected page. 

  • Links to page section lists all links leading to page along with page elements the links were found in, and anchor details.
  • Links from page section lists all outgoing links (internal & external) that are present on page.
  • Images section lists all images found on page, highlighting broken images and images with no alt-text.
  • All resources section lists each and every resource found on page along with details (resources can be sorted by type).