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How to Publish Reports

There are several way you can publish your SEO PowerSuite reports:

  • Print reports on paper (available for Enterprise and Professional licenses);
  • Quick save to hard drive as PDF or HTML files (available only for Enterprise licenses);
  • Publish online via a shared link (available only for Enterprise licenses);
  • Upload to an FTP (available only for Enterprise licenses);
  • Send by e-mail as a PDF or HTML attachments (available only for Enterprise licenses);

How to print a report

Switch to the Reports section - select the report template you want to print out - click the Print button and adjust conversion settings.

How to save a report as PDF/HTML file

Switch to the Reports section - select the report template you want to print out - click the Quick Save button. Then specify the folder where you want the report file to be saved.

How to send reports by e-mail, create a shareable link, upload to an FTP

To be able to send reports by e-mail or publish them online first you need to create a publishing profile. Go to Preferences > Publishing Profiles and click Add Profile.

Then choose to create one of the following publishing profile types:

  • Publish online and send the access URL via e-mail;
  • Email as an attachment;
  • Save to your hard drive;
  • Upload onto a website via FTP

Once you select the required publishing type, click the Next button and follow up the steps to connect your e-mail/ftp account to the software.

Once finished, you will see a new publishing profile appear in the list of available profiles. Any can be deleted, edited or cloned.

This way you may create multiple publishing profiles that will let you publish your reports in different ways.

After you finish with creating your publishing profiles go back to the Reports section - click the Publish button and choose the publishing profile that you want to use to publish your report.