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Sitemap XML

WebSite Auditor allows to generate an XML sitemap for your site to ensure all important pages will be easy for Google to find and index. A ready-to-submit sitemap can be created in a few clicks: go to Pages module under Site Structure and click the Sitemap button in the main toolbar.

Alternatively, you can select pages in your workspace and right-click on the list to open context menu, which will allow to generate the sitemap for all/selected pages, or all pages in workspace (that’s handy if you have any filters applied to the workspace).

In Step 1 you can select which pages to include in the sitemap, set their change frequency, priority, and last modification date. Unlike most plugins, WebSite Auditor lets you exclude pages blocked from indexing by robots.txt or X-Robots tags from being added to sitemap.

In Step 2 select a publishing option - to save the sitemap on your hard drive or upload it onto a website via FTP.

Depending on the option you select, in Step 3 you’ll either need to specify the destination folder along with the naming settings, or configure FTP settings.

In Step 4 you can name the sitemap file and choose whether to zip it.

Click Next, and the sitemap will be generated. In the last step you can check the log or open containing folder to get the file.