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Content Editor

WebSite Auditor is equipped with a separate module that lets you edit pages in-app, with as-you-type advice and SEO factors calculated in real time to show the impact of any changes.

To start editing a page you’ve analyzed, go to Content Editor module. On the left you’ll see a dashboard with the stats and the recommendations section that will change in real-time as you apply any changes to the page. On the right you’ll see the workspace where your page is loaded - simply click on or select any text to start editing. 

You can switch between page content and source code, and test as many changes as you need.

Once you are done, you can either reset all changes and reload the page, or save it in HTML to your hard drive and upload it to your site.

You can also switch to Title & Meta tags section to edit meta details and see how your site’s snippet would look in the SERPs.