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WebSite Auditor: Creating a new project

To start using WebSite Auditor you need to create a project. When launching WebSite Auditor for the first time, the wizard pops up automatically and walks you through all steps of a project setup.

Alternatively, you can launch the wizard by clicking the New button on the main toolbar.

In the first step you need to enter the address of the site you wish to optimize.

If you enter a specific page URL, WebSite Auditor will start crawling from that specific page and will collect pages and resources available by the links from it.

In this step you can also enable expert options to configure crawler settings, or leave the box unchecked to crawl the site with default settings, and simply hit Finish.

WebSite Auditor will start crawling the site from the homepage (or project URL) and will follow all the links to collect all the pages and resources from the site to your project.

Depending on the size of the site and the amount of resources it features, crawling process may take some time. For larger sites, you can speed the process up by setting up reasonable crawling limitations under expert options.