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SEO PowerSuite Cloud

SEO PowerSuite Cloud is a web storage service that allows saving projects and reports online and also synchronize settings across different projects and tools. This functionality lets you access your projects from any computer, wherever you are, easily share the files with colleagues for collaboration, and keep your files safe along the way. 

  • The service is available to our licensed users who have an active Search algo updates subscription.
  • Holders of Professional licenses can store up to 5 projects per tool in SEO PowerSuite Cloud; Enterprise users can save up to 100 projects per tool.

Creating SEO PowerSuite Cloud account

Before you start saving projects to SEO PowerSuite Cloud, you'll need to create an account in our storage system.

  • Open your SEO SpyGlass and click Log In to create your SEO PowerSuite Cloud account.

  • Choose Create a new account.

  • Enter a name, email, and password to be used in your SEO PowerSuite Cloud account, and click Next.

  • Open a browser and log into the email account you've just specified. You'll see an email from SEO PowerSuite Cloud with a confirmation code in your inbox - copy that code, go back to your SEO Powersuite app, and paste the code into the Confirmation Code field to activate your account.

That's it! Your account has been created now. If you use several SEO PowerSuite apps, you can work with the same SEO PowerSuite Cloud account in all of them.

Storing projects in SEO PowerSuite Cloud

To save a project to SEO PowerSuite Cloud, open it in the app and go to 'File > Save Project (SEO PowerSuite Cloud)'. Specify a name for your project and hit Save.

To open a project from your SEO PowerSuite Cloud account, go to 'File > Open Project (SEO PowerSuite Cloud)', select a file from your account and hit Open.

  • Alternatively, you can open account quick menu in SEO SpyGlass interface and choose Online Projects.

This will open your account storage with all projects that have been saved to your account from all SEO PowerSuite tools.

  • Choose the project that you would like to open and click the Open button. The selected project will open in the respective SEO PowerSuite tools
  • If you want to delete a project from cloud storage just click the trash bin icon next to the project file on the list.

Synchronizing project and global settings

SEO PowerSuite Cloud allows synchronizing projects and some global settings across different tools. This means that you can synchronize Google Analytics accounts across different projects, share common customer and company profiles and sync other types of data.

  • To enable synchronization, open your SEO PowerSuite Cloud account menu and choose Sync Settings.

The settings menu will offer you to enable the following types of synchronization:

  • Customer profile: synchronize customer profile settings across all projects that are registered for the same domain.
  • Project Events: synchronize Project Events across all projects that are registered for the same domain.
  • Google Analytics: synchronize Google Analytics account across all projects that are registered for the same domain.
  • Company Profile: synchronize company profile for all projects and tools.
  • Global Events: synchronize Global Events for all projects and tools.