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Checking traffic

One of the most reliable measures of the efficiency of an SEO campaign is traffic growth. By installing a special script called Google Analytics, you can monitor the number of visits that are brought to your site through different channels. Here you can check the basic instructions on getting started with Google Analytics (settings up an account and installing tracking code).

Connecting your Google Analytics account

To start monitoring traffic stats in LinkAssistant open your project and go to 'Preferences > Google Analytics Account'.

  1. Click to enter your Account Settings (here you can also click to Create a new Google Analytics account).

  1. In the pop-up window, enter your Google Analytics account credentials.
  2. Click to Allow the program to view your data. 
  3. Once your Google Analytics is connected, choose an appropriate account, profile, and property from a drop-down list (if there are several of them under your user name). Here you can find the details on Google Analytics account structure.

  1. Remove or replace your account (or change the profile) at any time by clicking the Clear/Change button in Google Analytics Settings section.

Note that Google Analytics account is a project-specific setting. You can connect different accounts to each project individually or have one account duplicated across projects for the same domain in other SEO PowerSuite tools by enabling synchronization of settings.

Updating traffic stats

To update website traffic in LinkAssistant navigate to the Domain Strength section and click Update. The Traffic to WebSite widget will provide you with a report about sessions to your website through different channels over the last 30 days.

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