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9 things you need to know about SEO PowerSuite today!

So here's the great news we've got to share with you today.

New "Link penalty risks" feature is coming

New "Link penalty risks" tool will be launched in SEO PowerSuite in a couple of weeks! This great feature will let the software automatically evaluate each link your site has, and point out all harmful links that put you at Google penalty risk!

Recent "Not provided" feature is getting more and more thumb-ups

Over the past 2 weeks, we've been getting tons of users' feedback on the recently-added keyword traffic stats in Rank Tracker. And we're thrilled to say – this feature is what SEOs of all caliber call "the easiest way to deal with Not provided". So if you've been watchful about this new solution – it's just the time to
check Rank Tracker's new "Not Provided" stats!

And more to that… New features are being rolled out, but the alarming reports from our support say so many of you are still missing the huge powers of already-present SEO PowerSuite features! That's why before going on with new feature add-ons, we've made up a check-list for you, showing current features that users often overlook in SEO PowerSuite. So…

Here are the 7 SEO features you've been missing in SEO PowerSuite before today

If you've missed our previous guides, please check out Part 1 and Part 2 of "SEO PowerSuite little-known features" guide here. And go on to the new tips we've prepared for you today:

Rank Tracker  Rank Tracker

Website Auditor  Website Auditor

SEO SpyGlass  SEO SpyGlass

LinkAssistant  LinkAssistant

Rank Tracker keyword research and rankings checker:
1. See how well-SEOed your niche competitors are

What? When deciding to enter a keyword niche, you should always check how stiff the competition in this niche is.

To do that, you most obviously look at the number of sites competing for that word on Google. But savviest SEOs can get a more objective idea of niche competition - by checking how many of the competitors are actually SEOing their sites for that word (because these are the guys difficult to outrank)

And that is exactly what you can do with Rank Tracker's advanced operators!

How? All you have to do is configure the Advanced Operators settings in Preferences -> KEI Settings -> Competition.

1. Enable the Use advanced operator when determining competition checkbox:

2. Now choose the needed parameter or their combination from the drop-down menu:

Let's say, we set up the "intitle: keyword inurl: keyword" operators. The keyword competition data is now calculated among the sites having your keywords in their URLs and titles (these are the sites really SEOed for the words and they are your real competitors)

With this feature turned on you'll know for sure how serious the keyword niche competition is and make informed decisions when choosing keywords for your SEO campaign.

Available in SEO PowerSuite Availability
Free: Yes (Download)
Pro: Yes (Order)
Enterprise: Yes (Order)
Rank Tracker keyword research and rankings checker:
2. Include or exclude any keywords from your rankings reports

What? A great many of users ask for a way to include or exclude certain keywords from Rank Tracker's ranking reports.

That's a gem of a feature whenever you need to build up a report for a thematic group of keywords, for instance. And there's a quick and easy way to do that using Rank Tracker's tags.

How? 1. Mark all keywords you wish to include into your report with a specific tag.

2. Then create a new report template (or choose one of the existing templates) in Preferences - > Report Templates.

Learn more ->

3. Enter the Editing mode using the Edit button.

4. In the Code view use Ctrl + F to open the search panel and find the line:

<[DEFINE name="keywords" value="reportData.keywords"/]>

5. Change the line for the following one (placing your own tag instead of our 'Rock' sample):

<[DEFINE name="keywords" value="reportData.getKeywordsWithTag(reportData.keywords, 'Rock')"/]>

6. Click OK twice to save the changes. When generating your SEO report, choose the new template in the combobox at the top right corner of Rank Tracker's window.

That's it! Now your rankings reports are showing only the keywords you're interested in right now.

Available in SEO PowerSuite Availability
Free: No (Download)
Pro: No (Order)
Enterprise: Yes (Order)
WebSite Auditor on-page optimization tool
3. Use a savvy SEOs way to get the most precise keyword density stats

What? Whenever new pages show up in your site's structure, you need them instantly added and analyzed. That is why from time to time you might want to update your entire website project. But more to that, whenever needed, you can build or rebuild project for separate folders of your site, saving much time, traffic and effort

WebSite Auditor's advanced filters let you filter the URLs checked and added to your project - just specify the filter word. For instance, you can instantly scan all pages of your forum or blog, without affecting the rest of the project.

How? To do that with WebSite Auditor, when building or rebuilding your site's project just:

1. Mark the Use advanced settings checkbox in Step 1.

2. Set the filtering conditions in Step 3: Configure Filtering Conditions

Available in SEO PowerSuite Availability
Free: 1,000 pages max (Download)
Pro: Yes (Order)
Enterprise: Yes (Order)
WebSite Auditor on-page optimization tool
4. Use a savvy SEOs' way to get the most precise keyword density stats

What? One of the killer WebSite Auditor features is competitor keyword density analysis. By checking your 10 top-ranking competitors, the tool calculates their average keyword density – and that is keyword density ideal for that particular niche.

Yet sometimes Google's top 10 features sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, and other sites not representative for your analysis (because they rank high not thanks to proper keyword optimization, but because of "who they are"). And, to make your keyword density calculations laser-precise, it's worth excluding those sites from your analysis.

And WebSite Auditor gives you an easy way to refine your keyword density calculations from those non-representative sites.

How? To see this feature in action, all you have to do is:

1. Run a usual page content analysis, enabling the Use expert options checkbox.

Learn more ->

2. When the data is collected, you'll see a list of possible competitors to include into your "ideal keyword density" calculation.

Choose the sites you wish to base your research on and exclude any undesirable sites by unticking the checkboxes.

3. This is it - now WebSite Auditor will suggest keyword density to use on your page based on average results of the sites you've chosen!

Available in SEO PowerSuite Availability
Free: 1,000 pages max (Download)
Pro: Yes (Order)
Enterprise: Yes (Order)
SEO SpyGlass backlink checker
5. Find more backlinks with a little-known Google search locations trick

What? How about a little trick to get even more links with your SEO SpyGlass?

The thing is... What Google shows to users from different countries varies a lot. If only you could address the search engine as if from different countries, when searching for links, you'd get much more of them shown. But, hey! There's an easy way to do that using Google search locations feature.

Here are the easiest steps to follow:

1. Just add different Google search locations as search engines and choose them to search backlinks in.

(In Preferences -> Preferred Search Engines (or in Step 2: Choose Preferred search Engines, when creating a new project) hover your mouse on any of Google search engines and press the "+" button that shows up.)

2. In the opened Google Advanced Search Settings window choose any search location from the drop-down list and press OK.

Learn more ->

3. The search locations you choose are added to your search engine list as separate search engines. You can add any number of locations you wish to monitor your rankings for. Press OK to return to the working area.

4. Rebuild your project using these search engines to search links in.

With over 350 search engines to search links in, SEO SpyGlass lets you unearth a great many of them. Yet this small trick with Google search locations will supercharge your backlink research with even more links to find.

Available in SEO PowerSuite Availability
Free: 1,000 links max (Download)
Pro: Yes (Order)
Enterprise: Yes (Order)
LinkAssistant link management tool
6. Find all outgoing links a page has

What? Wonder what outgoing links a page has? You can easily do that with LinkAssistant!

Whether you just need an easy way to check your own page's links, or try to make up your mind if the page is worth your link building efforts... LinkAssistant will cope with the task in just a few mouse clicks!

How? Here's how you do that:

1. Open the page in LinkAssistant's inbuilt browser and click the Harvest URLs button:

Learn more ->

2. Have all the URLs found on the page added to your LinkAssistant project!

You can now check those links against a number of quality factors.

Available in SEO PowerSuite Availability
Free: 50 records max (Download)
Pro: Yes (Order)
Enterprise: Yes (Order)
LinkAssistant link management tool
7. See if a website has any links to your site

What? Another great way to use LinkAssistant's capabilities is to automatically check if a given website has a link to your site anywhere on its pages.

Just imagine, checking the entire website in search of a link manually would take ages. Luckily, LinkAssistant can do the job for you!

How? 1. Add the site you wish to check into your LinkAssistant project using the Add button.

Learn more ->

2. Make sure to leave the Backlink Page field empty in Step 2: Backlink details.

3. When the site is added, press the Verify button

4. And then, in Step 1: Backlink Verification Settings choose the the "No scan depth limits" and press Next to start the scan.

5. This is it – now LinkAssistant has scanned the website and tells you if it has a link to your site on some of its pages!

Note: Please, note that a scan may take some time, depending on the size of the website.

Available in SEO PowerSuite Availability
Free: Yes (Download)
Pro: Yes (Order)
Enterprise: Yes (Order)

Now you know what'll help you get even more productive with your website promotion. So why not take action on what you've learnt? Get your SEO PowerSuite license if you don't have one yet and take advantage of SEO PowerSuite's hidden features just unveiled.

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P.S. What are your favorite "little-known features" in SEO PowerSuite? Please share your thoughts in comments!