New in SEO PowerSuite: Synchronize Your Settings Across Projects, Apps & Devices!

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New in SEO PowerSuite — Settings Sync
An easy way to sync your project setup between different SEO PowerSuite apps
By: Aleh Barysevich, Co-Founder and CMO, SEO PowerSuite
November 28th, 2018

Sometimes one gets too carried away with new ideas and completely forgets the fundamentals, don't they? We never wanted this to happen at SEO PowerSuite.

So, while still sweating over the HUGE update of our backlink index (which is still available for you to try in beta), we took a moment to think usability and spare you the most tiresome part of your SEO campaigns setup. No more copying your settings from one SEO PowerSuite app to another — have them synced.

1. What's new?

From now on, you can use SEO PowerSuite Cloud to store your website and company settings, so that they could be re-used and synced in different SEO PowerSuite apps and on different computers you use.

The feature is available for all licensed SEO PowerSuite users. So just download the freshest version of SEO PowerSuite or let your tools auto-update and get your hands on the new functionality.

1. Specify your domain settings just once.

Now there's no need to re-enter your Google Analytics account or set a client's Customer profile several times.

All you need to do is connect all your apps to SEO PowerSuite Cloud. And then, every time you create a project for a domain in one app, the setting are instantly uploaded to SEO PowerSuite Cloud and shared with other apps automatically.

And that is four times fewer steps to set up your SEO campaign :)

2. Share common settings with your team.

Simply make sure your team connects to the same SEO PowerSuite Cloud account, and they will be able to access your Company profile settings and sync settings for the websites you work on as a team.

3. Sync the changes you make on different devices.

Now it's super easy to keep your settings synced between different devices you use. Just make sure they are all connected to the same SEO PowerSuite Cloud account and have synchronization enabled in them. Make changes just once — in one app and on one device, and they will apply across your whole working environment.

2. Where to find it?

After updating your SEO PowerSuite to the latest version, look for a profile icon in the top right corner of your apps. This is where you log in (or create a new account) in SEO PowerSuite Cloud.

This is the place for you to manage all things SEO PowerSuite Cloud — your online projects, reports, and the new Sync settings.

3. What settings are synced?

Here are the settings you can currently choose to sync:

1. Customer profile
(stores your customer's details, like their name, logo, etc.)
Syncs Customer profile for a particular website in different SEO PowerSuite apps.

2. Google Analytics account
Syncs Google Analytics account for a particular website in different SEO PowerSuite apps.

3. Project events
(The events you created in a particular project)
Syncs Project events for a particular website in different SEO PowerSuite apps.

4. Google Ads account
Syncs Google Ads account in different projects in Rank Tracker. If needed, you can enable this setting in some projects (so that they all use the same Google Ads account), and disable the setting in others (so that they use their unique accounts).

5. Company profile
(stores your company's details, like name, logo, etc.)
Syncs Company profile in different SEO PowerSuite apps. Enabled/disabled on application level (for all projects).

6. Global events
(the events you've marked as "Global", i.e. covering not only the current project)
Syncs Global events in different SEO PowerSuite apps. Enabled/disabled on application level (for all projects).

Note: You can always choose which settings to sync depending on your workflow specifics. Or you can always choose to disable the sync altogether.

4. We'll keep your data safe

For anyone who, just like me, gets these vague but persistent gusts of mistrust whenever a need to store data online is mentioned… :)

We'll take the best care of your data. We do secure the transfer with SSL/TSL and rely on OAuth 2.0 token-based authentication for your Google accounts.

5. Are you already making full use of SEO PowerSuite Cloud?

Now, these features have been available in SEO PowerSuite for quite some time already, but I just wanted to remind you how easy and convenient it is to use SEO PowerSuite Cloud to access your SEO data from different devices and share it with your team:

1. Access projects from anywhere

If you're like most of SEO PowerSuite users, your office isn't the only place you work from. I bet you do a lot of SEOing from your home desktop and your laptop when you're traveling — even if it's just a commute to work.

To make sure your SEO PowerSuite projects are at hand whenever and wherever you are, you can save and load them from SEO PowerSuite Cloud.

2. Collaborate with your team

Chances are you also like to share SEO data with your team or clients. And this is where SEO PowerSuite Cloud also comes in really handy.

You can get a shareable link to your project or report and send it to your team or clients.

6. And the best is yet to come :)

I'm pretty sure there are many more ways in which you'd like your SEO PowerSuite apps synchronized — from sharing report templates and other settings to actually having a unified cloud dashboard with aggregated SEO data.

And this is exactly what I crave for myself.

But big changes come in small steps. And starting today, we're testing the waters to see how we can use SEO PowerSuite Cloud to integrate all the SEO data you need.

So, stay tuned to see what's coming. And please join the comments below to share this exciting moment with us and give me any feedback you have.

P.S. If you still don't have an SEO PowerSuite license, this is just the time to get one!

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Co-Founder and CMO, SEO PowerSuite