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How do I get backlinks to a particular page?

Sometimes you need to know how many backlinks a particular page of your site has: e.g. you optimize any of your landing pages and need to know which backlinks point to it.  Most backlink sources (search engines, online tools, etc.) return backlinks to the whole domain even if the query contains a specific page.

Using SEO SpyGlass lets you get backlinks to a specific page. The program offers you several options to do that.

Option 1. Use WebMeUp Backlink Tool as a preferred backlink source

A new backlink tool from WebMeUp lets you find backlinks to specific pages of your or your competitor’s websites. All you need to do is to copy the page’s URL and follow these steps:

  1. Create a new project in SEO SpyGlass and paste the URL into the Enter a competitor’s URL to analyze field. Tick Show expert options on next screen and hit Next >.
  2. From the list of backlink sources, pick just WebMeUp Backlink Tool (beta). Find it in the US list of the backlink sources. Note that WebMeUp can scan backlinks for sites located in other countries, too. 
    Choose backlink source - WebMeUp  
  3. At Step 3 tick Exclude Duplicates and select the required number of backlinks to be found.

After that the program should return the backlinks found. If there are no results, try Option 2.

Option 2. Use several available backlink sources to get more backlinks

This option can be used both for existing projects and for a new project you may want to start. You will need to filter a list of backlinks found for your site in various backlink sources and find backlinks pointing to any of your pages.

  1. Choose Update ->  Backlink Factors for All Backlinks in Project.
  2. Step 1: select "Page Info" from the list of backlink factors and proceed - this will let you check the anchor URLs of the backlinks in your project, i.e., find out which page they are referring to. When the task is complete, press Finish to view the updated "Page Info" in the workspace.
     Choose Page info among other backlink factors

  3. Now you have a list of backlinks with different Anchor URLs. You need to create a filtering condition to find the required ones;
  4. Right-click the header of any column to open the Edit Workspace window;
  5. Click + to add a new filtering condition;
  6. Set Anchor URL to be equal to the URL of your page (e.g. http://yoursite.com/your-page.html). 

    Create a filtering condition

    If you edited the currently open workspace - after implementing changes it should open containing all the introduced changes. If the currently inactive workspace or a newly created workspace was edited - choose it from the list to see the changes (all the backlinks pointing to the page you specified).

    Select the newly created (or edited) workspace to see changes. 

Option 3. If your page is a YouTube video…

If your page is a video hosted on YouTube.com you should make sure the URL of your video doesn’t contain any additional parameters. These parameters are added to the URL using the ‘&’ (ampersand) sign. For example:

The additional parameter here is ‘&feature=relmfu’.

If you face any difficulties finding backlinks to a specific page, we are here to help you.

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Created On: 25 October 2012 09:01 PM