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What is URL compression for?

The feature lets you change the look of links used in your posts. They become shorter and therefore more user-friendly. Due to message length limitations, some longer links cannot be shared otherwise.

The compression is done using a redirect from a specialized third-party service – tinyurl.com. Let's take a long catalogue link as an example.

Original length -149 characters:


Length after compression - 26 characters:


Some people compress all links they share in social networks, others use the feature selectively. We stand for the selective approach. If you've got a link to your own or a partner site, it makes sense to keep it as is for SEO purposes. Also some links can be very informative. For example, by looking at the link below an Internet marketing specialist will immediately recognize a well-known forum, the topic of discussion and the context in which the topic is discussed. More than enough to decide whether the link is worth a click.


For good or worse, a compressed link is stripped of such details. 

You might want to consider link compression if the links in a post:

  • are cited for purposes that are purely informative/entertaining etc.
  • don't contain any text you want your readers/followers to see.

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Created On: 19 November 2012 07:42 PM