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How do work with my Facebook page in BuzzBundle?

If you have created a page for a business or community on Facebook, it’s now possible to add it to a project containing your profiles on other sites and do all the work in one window: no more switching between applications. Follow the simple steps below to start working with your page in BuzzBundle in no time.cu

Setting up

  1. Add a Persona to which you will assign your business Facebook page (you can give it the name of your page).

  2. Add your existing Facebook page to this Persona.

    adding profile

    BuzzBundle will display all of your pages and your user profile – choose the page that you want to work with in this project (you can have only 1 Facebook profile/page per Persona;to add several pages to the same project, create additional Personas). 

    Choose one of the pages

    Click OK to import your page into the project!

Now you can post to your Facebook page – make sure you choose the Persona to which you’ve assigned your page.


BuzzBundle enables you to interact with Facebook users or other pages in accordance with Facebook rules.

Interacting with users

Commenting & liking: if a user has liked your page, the page can like and comment on this user’s post unless the user has forbidden that in her/his settings.

Messaging: if a user has sent a message to your page, it’s possible to reply to that message. 

Interacting with other pages

Commenting & liking: your page can like and comment on posts made by other pages. Pages can’t send direct messages to each other on Facebook.

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Created On: 14 January 2013 09:02 PM