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Software not finding free proxies

Every SEO PowerSuite application allows you to use Proxy Rotation, i.e., send your queries through several different proxies thus making your work with search engines smoother and safer. This function can be adjusted by going to Preferences --> Search Safety Settings --> Proxy Rotation

You can either import your private dedicated proxies or press the Search button and wait till the application finds some free publicly available proxies. However sometimes it may fail to do so.

Here are the most common reasons why sometimes free proxies cannot be found:

  1. No Internet connection. Make sure your network connection is active (e.g., try opening any website in your web browser).
  2. Bad proxy. You may be using a proxy to connect to the Internet from inside your application: Preferences --> Proxy Settings please check whether it's working (e.g., try accessing any website via this proxy in your web browser).
  3. No working proxies are currently freely available on the web.
  4. No new proxies can be found. This may happen if you already had a list of proxies inside the software and are trying to find some more proxies to add. If all proxies the software's finding are already included in the list, it comes up with a message "No new proxies found"
  5. You have pressed the Stop button too early, i.e. before the application could find any proxies.

    No new proxies found warning message

Posted by: Alexandra, Link-Assistant.Com Support
Created On: 25 March 2009 10:34 PM